IMG_1349About Us

My name is Karen Davies, KCAI CD ObA, and I have enjoyed dog training for over 25 years at a competitive level, having competed at Crufts on several occasions. At the moment I compete with Lolly, my five year old border collie, who is now an Obedience Champion. I also have a little terrier called Rufus who you will see on our front page, who just pleases himself and is a joy to own, and I now have an addition to the family – a lovely border collie bitch by the name of Teddie.

I am a qualified Kennel Club Accredited Instructor/trainer, my club is registered with the Kennel Club and you will see our entry on their web site.

Classes are held on Tuesday evenings, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings at Unit 28C, Watness Avenue, Skelton Industrial Estate, just behind the new Asda.  Please see our Classes page for further details.

Our class sizes are kept small and manageable which benefits handlers as I can offer everyone personal attention.  Puppies can start classes one week after their last vaccination, but if you are unsure, check with your vet.  I can now offer courses on various days in our brand new venue, which has been completely fitted out to cater for dog training classes.

Each week you are expected to bring with you a tuggy toy – even a tennis ball in a sock would do – and a tub of really tasty tit-bits.  Biscuits may suffice at home as a training treat but as there are many distractions in a classroom environment, extra tasty tit-bits are more beneficial.

See our recipe page for ideas or bring some diced cheese, steamed chicken or sliced hot dog sausages.  Don’t worry, your dog won’t put on excess weight if you remember to adjust their meals to compensate.  Please don’t feed your dog for at least one hour before you come to class.

karen davies trainer and owner
Karen Davies